The Prime Time Agency, LLC was founded in December 1979 by Ted Riemann, who saw a need for a local full-service advertising agency. In the following years, the agency has grown steadily to become one of the top agencies in the area with clients that have ranged from economic development to restaurants and casinos to political campaigns. The Agency was named in 2009/2010 as one of “Mississippi’s Top 100 Private Companies” by the Mississippi Business Journal.

For nearly forty years our company has excelled as a marketing strategy agency with a great creative team that uses creativity in an impactful way to accomplish a broad range of results. We use our creative talent to help companies and organizations fully realize its identity then develop a strategy to share it effectively in the market place.


Our creative philosophy is “creative accountability” – the ability to create advertising that gets results. Simply stated, be honest. Never promise what you can’t deliver and always deliver what you promise. Our clients are also expected to be honest. Their product or service must deliver what we lead the consumer to expect. Before we produce a creative product, our client has every opportunity to critique
and make suggestions. We never pressure a client to accept work they do not like, but we do try to justify our creative approach. That’s why we were sought out in the first place.


Our fiscal philosophy goes hand in hand with our creative philosophy – be honest. The Prime Time Agency is a professionally run business, and we are honest about a client’s budget. The budget must be adequate to achieve the results our clients expect, or we cannot satisfy them. We are not miracle workers. Successful marketing is a result of consistency: consistency in the work we produce, a consistent presence in the media and a consistent effort by the client to provide the best product or service available. Our services cost money, however, before we perform any service we give our client a realistic estimate of the costs.